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    Unknown author (FUTURE UNIVERSITY IN EGYPT, College of Engineering and Technology Construction and Building, 2020)
    Over 350 meters above sea level, New Cairo is a milestone in environment friendly urban developments, with pleasant weather all-year around. Thoughtfully-planned metropolis with full-fledged infrastructure, excellent ...
  • SAP2000 Analysis Report : Model Name: Double Frames 22 m each span 

    Shaheen, Aya Hatem (FUTURE UNIVERSITY IN EGYPT, College of Engineering and Technology Construction and Building, 2020-08)
  • 500 500 New National Cancer Institute 

    Eissa, Fady Samir; Abdelkarim, Karim Mohamed; Ibrahim, Ayman Ahmed; Elwakeel, Shehab Samy; Ageeb, Ramez Asaad; Sakr, Ahmed Abdelaziz; salah, Bassant hany; Khallaf, Rana : supervisor (future university, 2020)
  • Construction Project Management : 

    Abdullah, Amr Mohamed; El Zeftawy, Omar Alaa-El Din; Said, Mohamed Mahmoud; Mohamed, Abdelrahman Ibrahim; Hassan, Hassan Mohamed; Mohamed, Amr Ashraf (Future University in Egypt, 2020)
    It has been a great opportunity to gain lots of experience in real time projects, followed by the knowledge of how to actually design and analyze real projects. For that we want to thank all the people who made it possible ...
  • Structural Design Calculation Of Steel Factory 

    Haggag, Said; Osman, Haneen Mohamed (FUTURE UNIVERSITY IN EGYPT, College of Engineering and Technology Construction and Building, 2020)

    Ibrahim, Fatma; sherif, Mariam; Adel, Robika; Mohamed, Hassan (Future University in Egypt, 2020)
  • Eastown block 25 

    Mostafa, Ibrahim Mohamed Mahdi; Tony, Ibrahim Abdel Rashid Nosier; Ali, Samia Ali Mohamed; Khalaf, Rana Nabil Fattouh; Ibrahim, Fatma; sherif, Mariam; Adel, Robika; Mohamed, Hassan (FUTURE UNIVERSITY IN EGYPT, College of Engineering and Technology Construction and Building, 2020-07)
  • SAP2000 Analysis Report : 

    Hatem, Aya (Future university in Egypt, 2020)
  • Construction Management Project : AMBIREVILLE NHO7 

    Mahmoud, Hoor Hussein; Anwar, Mohamed salah; Gamal Eldine, Karim Ashraf; Megahed, Ahmed Nader; Abd Elnasser, Gamal; El-Sayed, Dalia (future university, 2020)
    This project consists of 6 units constructed on one stage, and we have two types of residential buildings which are ( RB-13 & RB-18 ) ,We have 4 units with type RB-13 And 2 units with type RB-18 , each type consists of ...
  • Graduation Project Book Construction Management Pearl New Cairo This Project 

    Abuhashim, Abdelrahman Mohamed Mohamed; Matar, Ahmed Adel; Hosny, Ahmed Hossam; Abdelmeged, Ahmed Tarek; Mohamed, Mahmoud Abdullah; Farid, Mohamed (Future University in Egypt, 2020)
    The human need to build since the creation of God Almighty in the land and commissioned him to colonize was the construction of housing m an is the first construction project known to man and the development of construction ...
  • La Villette 

    Mohsen, Karim Alaa; Galal, Mohamed Ismail; Naga, Mohamed Ali; sayed, Ahmed Ibrahim; Abd El Aziz, Kareem Ahmed; Awad, Ibrahim Mohamed; Mohamed, Mohamed Ahmed (Future University in Egypt, 2017)
    The importance of this graduation project is to perform a management plan for Villette Compound owned by SODIC. The first chapter discusses the Project Scope. The second chapter includes site lay out and places of stores ...
  • Regional bus station 

    Amer, Mohamed Nasiem; Abdelzaher, Hesham Ibrahim; Mohamed, Hussein Khairy; Wafaa, Hossam; Hesham, Sayed; Maati, Mohamed (Future University in Egypt, 2019)
    This Project Consists of 7 Buildings ( Arrival Terminal , Services Building , Administration Building , Mosque , Cafeteria , Security Room , Mall ) We have applied all what we Learned in Management to execute This ...
  • New Cairo Capital The New Administrative Center for Finance and Business The Third Residential Area 

    Gamal, Ahmed; Mohamed, Farouk; Laoy, Maged; Hussien, Mahmoud; Moussa, Marwan; Morsi, Mohamed (Future University in Egypt, 2019)
  • Shoubra – benha Bridge Project 

    Mohamed, Shehab Amin; Mousa, Fady Gamal; Negm, Mostafa Nasr; Khir, Hasan Mohamed; Tarek, Mohamed; Beitelmal, Malek Abdlrauf; Sayed, Ahamed Abd El-Aal (Future University in Egypt, 2019)
    Shubra - Benha free road is an extension of roads with length of 5.55 km and width of 80 m divided to a two-way main road of 3 lanes in each direction and two services roads (one for each direction), the project includes ...
  • Construction Management 

    Construction Management has become one of the main pillars in the Construction Engineering field in all of its branches starting from the basic simple initiation feasibility plan in just studying the project, going to the ...
  • Construction Management Project Porto New Cairo 

    Nader, Ahmed; Ashraf, Wahba; Salah, Marwan; Essam, Mahmoud; Ahmed, Fares; Emad, Belal; Al-Sayed, Amr (2019)
    Management Definition: - The process of planning, organizing, executing, coordinating, monitoring, forecasting and exercising control. - The art of directing and coordinating human and material resources through the life ...
  • MIVIDA Project Construction of parcel 13 

    Elsadek, Ahmed Hossam Eldin Abdelhamed; Saied, Mohamed Nagah; zaki, Mohamed sayed Mohamed; Ibrahim, Ahmed Osama Mohamed; Abdelhadi, Mostafa Mohamed; jebril, Abdel Rahman Tariq (2019)
    project objective : Mivida translates into My Life in Spanish, and the fully-integrated community in New Cairo offers everything one needs for a complete life of conveniences and luxury. Mivida prides itself ...
  • Gradution Project 2012 

    Abd Aal, Muhammad Diab Saad El din; Fadl, Marwa Mohammed; Mohamed, Rana Khaled; Ashraf, Eman (Future University In Egypt, 2012)
  • West Entertainment Hub 

    Sewilam, Ahmed Ayman; Mongy, Ahmed Yasser; Abd-Elwahab, Ebrahem Mohamed; Ahmed, Mohamed Hani; Mohamed, Mohamed Makky; Ahmed, Mohamed Sameh; Eldmeiry, Mohamed Samir (Future University In Egypt, 2013)
  • مشروع دار مصر العبور 

    رمضان, ايهاب احمد; توفيق, محمد سيد; حافظ, عبد الرحمن محمد; محمود, خالد عبد المنعم; علي, باسل رضا; عفيفي, طارق مجدي (Future University In Egypt, 2017)
    ظهرت حاجة الإنسان إلي البناء منذ أن خلقه الله سبحانه وتعالي في الأرض وكلفه أن يستعمرها فكان بناء مسكن يأوي إليه الإنسان هو أول مشروع تشييد عرفه الإنسان وتطور البناء عبر العصور حتي أصبح لها مختصين يقومون بها ولمواكبة متطلبات ...

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