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The Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS) was established in 2006 in accordance to the Presidential Decree No. 254 of the year2006. FEPS is one of the six faculties at the Future University in Egypt.

The Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS) was established in 2006 in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 254, 2006.

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  • عدالة توزيع الدخل والنمو الاقتصادي : الحالة المصرية نموذجا 

    السيد, زينب توفيق (مجلة بحوث اقتصادية عربية ؛الجمعية العربية للبحوث الاقتصادية, 2015)
    هدف البحث إلى تسليط الضوء على عدالة توزيع الدخل والنمو الاقتصادي من خلال اتخاذ الحالة المصرية نموذج. واعتمد البحث على المنهج الاستنباطي، المنهج الإحصائي، والمنهج الاستقراء. وارتكز البحث على مبحثين، كشف المبحث الأول عن توزيع ...
  • تقييم أثر النشاط السياحي في النمو الاقتصادي في مصر 

    عليوة, زينب توفيق السيد (مجلة بحوث اقتصادية عربية ؛ الجمعية العربية للبحوث الاقتصادية, 2014)
    هدفت الدراسة إلى تقييم أثر النشاط السياحي في النمو الاقتصادي في مصر خلال الفترة من 1983– 2009. وتناولت الدراسة مفهوم الفكر الاقتصادى والنشاط السياحي. وأشارت الدراسة إلى الدراسات التي تناولت أثر النشاط السياحي في النمو ...
  • New Deterministic Solution to a chance constrained linear programming model with Weibull Random Coefficients 

    Ismail, Maha; El-Hefnawy, Ali; Saad, Abd El-Naser (Science Direct,Future Business Journal, 2018-03-01)
    Linear Programming model is an important tool used to solve constrained optimization problems. In fact, the real life problems are usually occurring in the presence of uncertainty. For instance, in managerial problems ...
  • Mass civic education and public policy exchange: Tamarod Movement June 30, 2013 as a case study 

    Mekky, Salwa Thabet (جامعة القاهرة - كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم السياسية ،مجلة النهضة, 2015-01)
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of mass civic education in creating a highly participatory environment in the public sphere and active engagement in promoting public policy exchange which is ...

    Mekky, Salwa Thabet (US-CHINA LAW REVIEW, 2015-02)
    Literacy sets a building block for modern societies and sustainable development. It transcends the notion of basic reading and writing skills as it denotes technology literacy as well as communication skills within ...
  • Virtual Advocacy Impact on Public Policy Egypt as a case 

    Thabet, Salwa (International Conference for Economic, Business, and Financial Challenges in MENA & GCC Countries,, 2012)
    Moving from an authoritarian regime to a progressive build-up of democratic transition requires radical institutional reforms that are highly challenged by the ability of the state to decide on policy actions that reflect ...
  • Egypt’s Regional Security Policy after the January 25 Revolution 

    AL-MASHAT, ABDUL-MONEM (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – FES New York, 2012)
    Ousting Mubarak from the whole world does not mean, at all, that there is a threat to regional security in the Middle East. Domestic dynamics in Egypt and in different Arab states after Arab revolutions ...
  • Spectrophotometric Methods for Quantitative Determination of Binary Mixture of Naproxen Sodium and Domperidone Maleate 

    HM, Lotfy; SM, Amer; HE, Zaazaa; NS, Mostafa (Austin Journal of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2015-06-03)
    Simple, accurate, sensitive and precise UV spectrophotometric methods were developed and validated for quantitative determination of binary mixture of Naproxen sodium (NAP) and Domperidone maleate (DOM) in their ...
  • tHe analysis of eU-Gcc Potential free trade area aGreement tHroUGH eU-Gcc actUal stePs (1995–2012) 

    Abdel Maksoud Eissa, Noura (World Review of Political Economy, 2014)
    The objective of this article is to find out whether strong regional bloc integration of both the European Union (EU) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will lead to “stumbling stones” or “building blocks” steps in the ...
  • An Approach for Effort Estimation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Projects 

    Farrag, Esraa A.; Moawad, Ramadan; Imam, Ibrahim F. (Journal of Software, 2015-11-20)
    In the last few decades SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) has become the new trend in the IT industry. Many organizations tend to migrate to SOA in order to cope with the rapidly changing business. Effort estimation ...
  • Facebook as an online business: examining its strategies on the Egyptian society 

    Badran, Mona (Int. J. Intercultural Information Management, 2014-01)
    Facebook evolution, as an online business, has turned out to be the largest social network in the world. This research discusses the business strategies Facebook used in order to achieve this popularity ...
  • Women Empowerment in the Arab Region: Between the Anvil of Illiteracy and the Hammer of Passive Representative Bureaucracy 

    Thabet, Salwa (Journalism and Mass Communication,, 2015-05)
    This paper emphasizes on enacting comprehensive mainstreaming institutional mechanisms to promote the role of women in socio-economic development in the Arab region. Sustainable development could never take place unless ...
  • Faculty Guide 

    Future University In Egypt, Faculty Of Economics & Political Science (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
  • Honor Thesis [REM 401] 

    Abdelzaher, Mohamed (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
    Governments use financial and monetary policies to regulator money in the market and try to entice investment if it foreign direct investment or internal investment. One of monetary policy tool is interest rate, interest ...
  • Inflation and House-hold final consumption in Egypt : Compare study 

    Mohamed, Mohamed Ahmed (Future University In Egypt, 2018-05)
    Households make there own economic decisions on the basis of many Macro-economic factors and Micro-economic factors , in this thesis I will focus on one of important macro-economic factor that influence households consumption ...
  • Determining Motives for Demand Growth in Egyptian Real Estate Market 

    Shafik, Omar Aziz (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
    Kindleberger C. (1987) defined a bubble as “a sharp rise in price of an asset or a range of assets in a continuous process, with the initial rise generating expectations of further rises and attracting new buyers—generally ...
  • Labor migration in MENA 

    Mohamed, Mahmoud Samir (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
    The MENA Region is the most important link to Europe due to its geographical, historical, political, cultural, and economic connection between the two regions. Migration inside the MENA region is developed because of the ...
  • The Effect of Income Inequality and Poverty on Economics Growth in MENA region 

    Bichi, Ibrahim Musa (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
    Economics development is often regard as one major factor for poverty reduction as well as income inequality as many studies have tried to analyzed the relationship between poverty, income inequality with economic ...
  • The Effect of Human Capital Investment on Economic Development: The Case of the Middle East and North Africa Region 

    Abd-El baseet, Raneem (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
    It is without a doubt that achieving sustainable development has become the primary goal for any country, from the most developed to the least developed. However, the reason as to why some countries have failed to achieve ...

    Zakaria, Esraa Mohamed (Future University In Egypt, 2018)
    Corruption refers to the illicit conduct that involves an exchange of public resources with direct or indirect involvement of politicians or public servants who manipulate their positions and circumvent the legal frameworks. ...

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