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  • Novel methods for superimposition of digital maxil- lary models and 3D assessment of orthodontic tooth movement 

    Mohamed, Sameh Mohamed Talaat Taha (2019)
    Superimposition of the patient’s 2D cephalograms is traditionally indicated whenever evaluation of orthodontic treatment and/or growth is needed. More recently, superim- posing the 3D digital models ...
  • Energy Management for Industrial and Commercial Loads 

    Saad, Gamal Samy; Farid, Osama Saad; Mekkawi, Omar Kamal; Raslan, Mohamed Abdel-Raouf; Zohaia, Abdelrahman Tarek; Magdy, Amr ; Supervisor (future university, 2019)
    We take this opportunity to express gratitude to all the Department faculty members for their help and support. We also thank for the unceasing encouragement, support and attention. We are also grateful to our partners ...
  • Design and planning for a new developed area 

    Khaled, Ayman; Khaled, Eslam; Ahmed, Mahmoud; Gamal, Mohamed; Mohamed, Abd El Rahman; Soliman, Mohamed Hassan ; supervisor (future university, 2019)
    There is a step before getting starting in design of any project. It’s estimating the total load of any project without entering to any details of the project
  • Impact of Power Factor Improvement on the Power Quality in the Low Voltage Distribution Networks 

    Abdelmenim, Mahmoud; Eladawy, Khaled; Aly, Khaled; Wagdy, Mohamed (Fue University, 2019)
    In electrical engineering, the power factor of an AC electrical power system is defined as the ratio of the real power absorbed by the load to the apparent power flowing in the circuit, and is a dimensionless number in ...
  • Smart Home 

    Mohammed, Ammar Abdel Hakim Nagib; Soliman, Amr Mohamed Elsayed; Mahmoud, Nahla Abdelaziz Youssry; Abdelrazek, Abdelhalim Abdelrahman Abdelhalim; Metwally, Mohannad Ayman Abdelsadq (Fue University, 2019)

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